George & Matthew

Summer wedding
Marleybrook House George and Matthew Aug 2019

A surprise wedding for one trusting groom…

Matthew knew nothing of his wedding day as he left absolutely ALL planning to husband-to-be George!

The first time Matthew laid eyes on Marleybrook House was the morning of his wedding and he was not disappointed with the choices George had made. Matthew’s face shows genuine shock and surprise as he uncovers each hidden corner and detail around the venue.

Each picture here tells an even more emotional story of trust, surprise and truly knowing your loved one.

All wedding day photography by:​ Peter Reynolds

I have run out of superlatives to express just how incredible our entire wedding experience was with Marleybrook House. Kris, Tanith and the team couldn’t have made our day any more perfect and as full of love as it was for our guests and us. We will always look back on our wedding with pride and fond memories, thanks to their efforts.

We were in the unique position whereby I organised our wedding day as a surprise for my husband, Matthew. This wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support, love and laughter from the Marleybrook team. During the 18 months of planning they were extremely friendly, fun, professional and inspiring to be around, I cannot thank them enough for making #GivingGreenaway one of the best days of both of our lives. A special thanks must go to Tanith who was an absolute superstar throughout everything; especially on the wedding day itself. She personally ensured everything ran smoothly (and kept me calm)! As a result, we have had so many compliments about lovely Tanith from our wedding guests and she has become a true friend.

Marleybrook House is without a doubt is one of THE most unique and beautiful wedding venues I have visited, or even heard of! I initially saw it in the depths of winter, but it was clear to me then just how special the place was and how much time and care had gone into creating it. In particular, we found the funfair to be an absolute showstopper and many of our guests commented on just how special it made our day. Simply put, our wedding experience was beyond magical and what we wouldn’t give to do it all again tomorrow! From the bottom of our newly-married hearts, we cannot thank Marleybrook House enough.

George and Matthew Aug 2019
George & Matthew Greenaway-Poole

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